The Power Before Thought by Nigel Taylor



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This is a joyful exploration of the most fundamental of human qualities. The Power before thought. Yet, this book goes where others have only thought about going..

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The teaching is clear, concise and vibrant. The message is on target and you will reap great rewards from your exploration of the Power Before Thought.

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Rise above the limitations imposed by cultural hypnosis. Think once and for all for yourself..

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You and those with whom you share your life deserve the very best life has to offer. Enrich your life through ten very simple steps outlined in detail in this masterful book.







I needed to actually get this once and for all. I have read so much over the years, but finally here I got it! I am using the principles now on a daily basis. Thanks.

-J.G, New Jersey

My first book of Nigel’s was Initiations. That was 13 years ago. This latest contribution from Nigel is proof of the evolution that takes place in all of us. His work has deepened yet with simplicity. His ideas are bountiful without being overpowering and his message is inspiring. I highly recommend the read

– N.K, Western Australia

India is a rich culture, vibrant with spirit, yet one that has seen enormous changes over the past twenty years. Simple stories and insights given in this book remind me not only of the beauty of a simple dream, but also the majesty of the greatness that lay within all of us.

– R.S, New Delhi, India

Thank you Nigel. I enjoy a book that is real, and this one is. No fluff and no blarney. I know many folk who will do well to heed the importance of your timeless message. Ireland will love this read.

– A.B. Dublin. Ireland,

Masons, Rosicrucians and metaphysicians alike think they know this stuff. Yet when push comes to shove the question is how many actually live by it? I greatly enjoy Nigel Taylor’s writing and just hope this book reaches the masses. Well done Nigel

– T.R, Calgary, Alberta

You will know in your heart if you are ready for what this book has to offer. Many times obstacles attempt to deter us from our deep awakening. If you are ready – you will make your way through these pages with ease. Trust and allow the process. It is well worth the effort.

– J.D. Dominican Republic





An “ambassador of the heart,” Nigel Taylor has travelled the world for over thirty years, working and studying with its vast array of cultures and creeds – from the kabalistic traditions of East and West to the Dreamtime of the aboriginal people of his own land, Australia. Guidance received from the inner planes since childhood together with Nigel’s rich array of life experiences has inspired facilitation of health retreats, shamanistic journeys, corporate spiritual trainings, and his many recorded meditation CDs, DVDs, and books.

A visionary teacher, healer, and author, Nigel has authored over 26 recordings and written a number of books, including Initiation Into Miracles ~ Footsteps in the Ashes of the Divine; Simple Divinity (re-released as a six volume series Secrets From The Master’s Heart); plus his soon to be released two new books The Greatest Miracle and Divine Seduction.

Nigel weaves esoteric and exoteric, ancient and contemporary, to deliver profound truth with a joy and simplicity that makes it fascinating, entertaining, and understandable to all.





“The Power Before Thought is a book of its time. It has a theme that addresses the often times taken for granted principle of Thought. Much has been written about thought, how to control thought, the philosophy of what thoughts are and how to channel thinking consciously to manifest desired outcomes. These past efforts tend to sit firmly in the arena of the scholar and full time philosopher. Not so in this pleasantly surprising, yet challenging delivery. Taylor takes the times we live in and explores the factors that have led us to reach this collective place in human evolution. He reaches deep into his own personal life and brings forth powerful examples taken from a lifetime of teaching, counseling, healing and writing. His examples draw from extensive cultural interactions across race, creed and culture over many years. The book grasps hold of the power of thought and its intangible essence in a way that few other tomes have done. He then reaches deeper and takes the explorer further back to a place that challenges all the notions he has presented in the book so far. Taylor delves into that which is the Power Before Thought. What is it? How does one access it? What evidence do we have that we have truly touched it?

Consisting of nineteen chapters, this book is one that may well be the last you need in your exploration of who and what you are. Like the subtitle suggests, if you can grasp what is presented within these pages, then it is not a huge step to work with clarity and determination as you engage the ten steps that will guide you to manifest abundance, magic and miracles in your life.”

Nineteen Chapters:

Chapter 1: A Dream

Chapter 2: The Human Experience

Chapter 3: Everything is a Suggestion

Chapter 4: Being

Chapter 5: What Serves Your Expansion

Chapter 6: Time

Chapter 7: Before Time Began

Chapter 8: Dissolving The Thought of Consciousness

Chapter 9: Quality of Thought

Chapter 10: Be Empty Before You Think

Chapter 11: Life is a Game

Chapter 12: You Never Went Anywhere

Chapter 13: The Power Before Thought

Chapter 14: Start In The Foothills

Chapter 15: Principle – Channel – Motive

Chapter 16: Unlocking The Code

Chapter 17: Dancing In The Dream

Chapter 18: The Light In The Looking Glass

Chapter 19: Ten Doors Through The Heart

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